Publication procedures and steps

The basic steps that a researcher must follow for publication in the Animal Production Research Center (APRC) are the following:

  • The researcher sends his prepared research according to the journal’s requirements by sending it to the journal’s email (editor@aprc.sd) or to the link for sending research papers on the website.
  • The researcher sends a signed written declaration that the research has not been previously published in any journal or potential publication or submitted to any other agency before submitting it to the journal.
  • Research judgments shall be made by at least two arbitrators to complete the publishing procedures.
  • The researcher shall be notified of the outcome of the initial arbitration within a period not exceeding two weeks, and the amendment shall be requested according to the opinion of the arbitrators.
  • A request for transferring arbitration fees is made by the researcher and a request to send a copy of the transfer process and send it to the journal’s mail.
  • The research shall be received after amending it and make sure to follow the comments of the arbitrators in full to send the initial approval to accept publication.
  • The first page of the research must contain the title of the research, the name of the researcher or researchers, the destination and place of work, and the e-mail.
  • In the event that the amendments requested by the jury are not completed, the researcher is given an additional opportunity to amend, and in the event that no amendments are made, the board has the right to refuse the research without any compensation.

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